At the Festival of Cannes a movie : Gull’s night !

By announcing the holding of a referendum in the purpose to dramatize the issues of the assistance to Greece, the Socialist Prime Minister Papandréou has believed winning a round.

Alas the conjunction of the greek governmental parties who have shared the power during 35 years and the anger of their European counterparts, who blackmailed with the play anything or nothing, has shown that eventually the bully was a balloon.

Papandréou could expect to be fired through the front door, he creeps back through the window. So far the problem of the Greek debt is not settled, he adds to this economic crisis a political crisis that neither a government of National Unity with the same dishonest and inefficient politicians, nor the uncertainty of a general election are able to clear up.

Vox populi was indeed the only way, and the only question was “should Greece abandon the euro and in the meantime quit Europe”.

No one dares to ask, especially by bad weather, but the reactions of the European populations are very much alive.

Germans are reluctant to continue to carry the burden as they did previously by carrying the bankruptcy of the former communist D.D.R.. Germany is certainly much more entitled to ask for a referendum on this matter.                                                                         Greeks reject any loss of their sovereignty taken under foreign’s wings, which is quite natural.                                                                                                                                 The Brits feel, as usual, not affected. The ambiguity of their position shows the selfishness of the nations. It is easier to vilify when the other players find out that the dice are loaded.   And the French’s ? These ridiculous masters of teaching had better to swab their doorstep before to give any lessons. With the economy on the edge, an excessive and sucking public offices, wretch minority unions whose distinctive matter is to take the all country as hostage, and to conclude this picture, plethoric representatives who abuse the benefits of the country. For Christ’s sake imagine that they are ready to accept an European troika telling them where they have to defecate.

Once again the ruling classes seek to save time, just to protect their privileges. This Europe looks like a woman seen from behind as a girlish body, full-face her constant facelifts made her monstrous.

Putting such a cobbler job in Cannes festival Palace is tantamount to call it a mug. Cheated people will remember.


2 réflexions au sujet de « At the Festival of Cannes a movie : Gull’s night ! »

  1. The Mayor of a Greek town visited an Italian town.
    When he saw the palatial mansion belonging to the Italian mayor he
    wondered how he could afford such a house. The Italian said; « You see
    that bridge over there? The EU gave us a grant to build a two-lane
    bridge, but by building a single lane bridge with traffic lights at
    either end, this house could be built ».

    The following year the Italian visited the Greek town.
    He was simply amazed at the opulence of the Greek Mayor’s house – silk
    tapestries, gold taps, marble floors, it was astonishing. When he
    asked how this could be afforded the Greek said; « You see that bridge
    over there? »

    The Italian replied; « No. »

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