France seen from Down Under.

If you look carefully at this  upside down Map, you may understand that this small hexagon far relegated on the right side in the « South » East End of the world (North West really)  doesn’t count anymore for much.                                                                                                                                 In the opposite this huge Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean became a major actor in the twenty first century.

Therefore, it seems necessary to keep some modesty and those who wants to be heard, have enormous progress to be done. It is a real displeasure to evocate on this case the story of « the frog who wants to look as an ox » fable from the french author Jean de La Fontaine.

First : a former President of the French Republic who has been found guilty and sentenced for mismanagement and misappropriation, obtained 3 suspended years of jail.                     This brig who during 40 years has succeeded in posing as a heir of De Gaulle is due to endorse the decline of the country being the initiator of all mischiefs against his own camp, providing twice the keys of the house France to his supposed worst political enemies, and having the good fortune to end up as a winner in an election snapped up by default. Lying and betraying he still has the nerves to claim being a white Knight. Incredible but true this gus remains the most favorite french politician.                                                                        In that case we can consider this phenomenon as a media desinformation those having fully understood they have found in their marxist language a « useful idiot ».                            But much more seriously, one can be feared that a whole population identifies herself in such a senile.

Second ; an old billionaire, also in the wreck of old age being furtively plucked by crooks virtually organized as a gang, her manager, her accountant, a missed and no talented photographer-writer making friend with « the rich and beautiful » and his companion,corrupt gigolo, add to those beautiful a loving-hating daughter, to poison the matter a former important minister and of course the future-former-president. Shake it all you may obtain a crappy movie or just for the moment some journalistic toilet-paper.

Third and best of all, the adventures of the perv priapic DSK is the daily
pittance and attractive image of a small country on the other side of the planet who still believes of being the center of the world and is only but the tip.

« It is very boring, very painful, very humiliating, when once believed you were the navel of the world, and suddenly discover no longer being his tear glands.  »(Roger Nimier)

Happy New Year 2012!

** ‘. (La Fontaine Book I – Fable 3)

A frog saw an ox
It seemed a good size.
She, who was not as big as an egg,
Envy, lies, and swells and works,
To match the animal size,
Saying, « Look, brother;
Is it enough? tell me I’m there yet?
Nay! – Here I am, then? -Not at all. Here I am?
-You will approach point.  »The pitiful dickhead
Swelled so that it exploded.                                                                                                 The world is full of people who are not wiser.
Every bourgeois wants to build as the great lords,
Every prince has ambassadors,
Marquis wants to have all pages.



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