Only nine months ! In what kind of state will France be after 6o months of Hollanderie !

Open Letter to Mr. Holland, proven impostor who was successfully elected President of the French Republic by accumulation of lies.


To begin with, don’t expect me to give you  the smallest mark of respect, by calling you « Mr. President ». I have too much respect for this noble function to confuse it, even if only  in the space of this letter, with the usurper that you are.

As I did’nt vote for you, I have no personal remorse, which does not stop me from feeling sincerely sorry for all those who believed your lies and voted for you (apart from  the two « communities », who although they are in the minority), swear they are the unique object of all your attention .
Since then, nine months have passed and the number of people crushed by the extent of your wastes, injustices and abuses against France, is growing every day !
Nine months ! The time of a pregnancy, normally flowing into a happy event …

Unfortunately, we must recognize  that due to the frightening balance which is yours at this stage, it would be better that France aborted your nomination when it was still time !

You are the most cynical politician France has had to suffer in her whole history. Obviously your predecessors were not innocent and even less « angels », however you trounce them all in terms of lies and betrayal of citizens, including those who brought you to this position you had the presumption to covet, despite your lack of … EVERYTHING ! Because rather than make a list of what you are not and will never be, it would be quicker to list your qualities summarized in fact only by two little words: INANE and UNFIT, or to you use a vocabulary you can understand : INCAPABLE and SILLY !

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Just like your predecessor, so much criticised by yourself and your pals while you have  the same policies and even worse, you have betrayed your voters and all your fellow French citizens since yourself said with such a cynicism that motivates you, that you would be the President for all the French people, simply omitting from this statement it would principally concern all so-called French (on paper),  those who hate France and its citizens, and all those who by their wickedness can help you to demolish all these wonderful values for which France was far revered worldwide.
Today, you scorn so well this France, with your lousy dumb jokes, your inelegant suits, your fly half open, your thoughtless decisions so  totally foolish that we ordinary citizens of this country, after having laughed a lot at all the cartoons, caricatures and dubious jokes about you circulating on the Net , we can only cry for being stupid enough to let you assassinate our Nation without reacting more strongly.

Great specialty among french socialists .

Great specialty among french socialists .


Few examples from a non-exhaustive list and already such a long one that an article would not be enough:
– You do not have the necessary quality required for the ultimate polical level, in being surrounded by a capable staff that can assist you. Even in this you have done the opposite by hiring a fine bunch of bandits « in conflict with Justice » to speak in the hypocritelly correct way , and whose only skill is their haste to rob honest citizens.

- – Your Prime Minister has to spent most of his time on whistling to stop play and distributing red cards to his troops, as pathetic as himself. He pull and yon that government. This allows him from the top of his immeasurable stupidity to insult a taxpayer who has honestly earned his income (Gérard Depardieu *) unlike some leading politician who has led his department into bankruptcy ( Francois Hollande in Correze *)  and by so doing, managing to alienate and lose at the same time a substantial tax-payer.

- – Your Interior Minister excels in the compassion for the murderers and scorns victims and their families … He is also totally unable to bring order to our land, ignoring the growing number of non-right areas where his policies are being stoned…but instead leaves for Afghanistan here he shamelessly proposes the iad of our police to form their army. Monumental stupidity or cynicism ? I’m afraid that it is both my General !

– His alter ego, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Garde des Sceaux in french), wallows in the most ignominious injustice by ignoring the most heinous crimes, of the descendants of colonizers (without whom she would live perhaps in a cabin) hiding blindly certain colonised people who do much worse today.

- – Your Minister of Productive Recovery, stoically bear this ridiculous name  you have given him as he is too busy in his fathomless arrogance on “giving lessons “to the big bosses of all kind of industries. If those are not angels, at least they have the talent to defend and advance our factories, which is not his case.

- – Your Housing Minister found nothing better than to burn the Catholic Church wishing  to commandeer some of her premises, without considering that  » Abbé Pierre », « Mother Teresa », « Sister Emmanuelle » … and many others , didn’t wait for her to provide  charity , a word she doesn’t  know, knowing only that « charity begins at home « .

- I said non-exhaustive list, so I’ll stop there, especially as whenever talking about you or your people for a long time makes me feel nauseated.  Because you, Mr. shabby, you are the reason for all this, and you are even very proud of it !

So enjoy mate, while there is still time, enjoy as much as you can, because I predict with the breakneck speed you conduct France to the ruin, you will not leave unscathed either. If unfortunately we cannot get rid of you first, be sure that we will drag you into the abyss with us.  Don’t think you can escape  by flying to the end of the world,  because we will block your escape with our own bodies if necessary.with our own bodies if necessary.

This letter will be accompanied by a copy of another one, browse on the Net for several weeks. It comes from a user who had the courage to sign it, relayed by the army of angry citizens that despite all your attempts today cannot be muzzled.
And if tomorrow I am taken to the court, or even directly “embastillée” (imprisoned) for insulting the « highest character of the state”, the French patriots will discover how far you can go in the ignominy, which in your case is limitless. .
I assume this risk, confident that with your « Minister of Justice » who empties the prisons of scum, vermin, murderers of all kinds, to lock up the citizens she hates without reason and without measure. I will be in good company … and there will be enough courageous patriots on the outside to form a violent revolution to purge the country of your humiliating and dangerous presence.

Mr. Self-proclaimed president normal, you are in fact unusually incompetent and dangerous for the French state and its citizens, and have done enough evil to date. It is time that we patriots regain the power, unduly snatched by your abuses.
Expect a commotion soon, it is not necessary to be a soothsayer nor a descendant of a prophetess , to make these without great risk of being wrong.

This will be my smiling conclusion, Mr. I do not salute.

Josiane Filio : 4 mars 2013

* Note of the translators = Tiresias & Chérinette

The hand-kissing had advantages

The hand-kissing had advantages

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3 réflexions au sujet de « Only nine months ! In what kind of state will France be after 6o months of Hollanderie ! »

  1. I visit Paris in June 2012 and was robbed by gypsies right at le Louvre;
    It took me a day to complain at the Commissariat under le Grand palais, more than 12 foreigners were in the same situation, always rip off by the same kind of people.
    France is as french said : La poubelle de l’Europe.

  2. That was very interesting. From what we read here in London it seems to be a terrible shambles and getting worse.
    He seems extraordinarily incompetent and utterly hopeless and how did he get elected – it’s a mystery.

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